Ecobalance Collection

Monogram makes it easier to design an eco-friendly, Net Zero home that makes a positive impact on the environment—while exceeding your culinary expectations. Imagine innovative, all-electric appliances paired with whole-home solutions that automate, provide comfort, and manage energy consumption from the palm of your hand. Together with products from our House of Brands and partner company, Savant, Monogram brings you our Ecobalance Collection.

Monogram Ecobalance Collection & Savant

Monogram's Ecobalance Collection blends brilliantly with Savant smart living solutions. When paired, our products bring symmetry between home energy use and environmental impact, allowing you to enjoy the same level of daily living you're accustomed to while reducing your home's carbon footprint. Our partnership enables you to create a customized home experience with total control and room for future expansion.

The seamless integration of products also provides a simple way to command your entire connected system. Said Bob Madonna, CEO of Savant Systems, "I can walk into my home and give the smart home a command. I can say 'dinner time' and it will preheat the oven, put on my favorite music, lower the lights, set the temperature, and help me cook. That's the miracle of Monogram and Savant."

Whole-Home Harmony Today & Tomorrow

The Monogram Ecobalance Collection, House of Brands products, and Savant smart solutions all integrate for ease of use and control. Whether you're building a completely new Net Zero home or beginning to equip your current home to be more environmentally friendly, our systems work together to achieve your dream. Imagine:

  • Induction ranges that enable precise temperature control and more efficient transfer of energy to your cooking pan.
  • Precision cooking modes that use only the amount of energy needed to ensure perfectly crafted dishes.
  • Fully integrated, energy-efficient refrigeration that chills food and provides a perfectly illuminated interior.
  • Dishwashers that simplify cleanup without wasting resources so you can focus on more important things.
  • A full suite of products from our House of Brands and partner companies to complement your Monogram appliances and bring your home into balance.

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