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Intelligent appliances built to enhance your kitchen, cuisine and beyond, Revel in an elevated sense of luxury.

  • Engineered to Evolve

    Stay ahead of the latest tech with automatic updates, purposefully designed to continually equip your kitchen with advanced features and maintain the logevity of your appliances.

    More About Over-the-Air Upgrades

  • Enhanced Cooking

    Master new recipes with Precision Cooking, technology that automatically tracks cooking progress, modifies temperatures and adjusts heating times based on each recipe. Utilizing Advantium® technology, choose between a convection, toaster, proofing, precision cook or microwave oven for every meal.
  • Engage Remotely

    Take the power of your appliances into the palm of your hand with remove features that allow you to preheat the oven and change the temperature from afar. You'll know the second a task is complete, with push notifications, status updates and alerts sent straight to your smartphone.
  • Streamlined Maintenance

    Enjoy the luxury of simplicity, if your appliance ever needs service you'll receive maintenance notifications delivered to your app – where you can request service from a certified agent in just a few taps.

Benefits of Connecting Your Appliance



  • Adjust the temperature wherever you are
  • Get an alert if your refrigerator experiences a power outage
  • Check if your icemaker is full or empty


  • Preheat your oven from wherever you are
  • Set timer alerts for when you are baking or roasting
  • Change the oven’s temperature from anywhere


  • See cycle time remaining
  • Lock and unlock door
  • Track pods and rinse aid
  • Get alerts if something is preventing you from the best wash


  • Monitor burners wherever you are
  • Set timer alerts when you are simmering or boiling
  • Get notified when your burner has been on longer than an hour

SmartHQ Adopts AI for Ultimate Convenience

Our partnership with Google AI adds leading-edge convenience to our SmartHQ app. These two new app features simplify interactions with your smart appliances and elevate meal creation.

  • Flavorly AI

    Find inspiration at mealtime when you open SmartHQ and pull up Flavorly AI. Put in the ingredients you have and via generative AI, Flavorly will tailor recipes using those foods—complete with instructions and photos. And there's no need for a smart appliance to use it.
  • SmartHQ Assistant

    Instead of searching for the appliance manual when you have a use and care question about your appliance, ask SmartHQ Assistant. Find the chat bubble on the home screen of the SmartHQ app, ask your question, and quickly receive an answer from our owner's manual.
SmartHQ App on Phone

Monogram with SmartHQ™

Downloading the SmartHQ app to your phone or smart device enables you to connect, control and manage your Monogram smart appliances.

Download the App

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Through partnerships with other technologies our appliances deliver added conveniences.

  • Voice-Control

    When you're home, Monogram and Amazon Alexa give you voice-activated control.

  • Voice-Control

    SmartHQ works with your Google Assistant and Monogram's full line of WiFi appliances. With this action, you can use simple voice commands to interact with your appliances.

  • Order Supplies

    With Amazon Dash integration you can order your dishwasher pods with ease.

  • Extend Functionality

    Customize your appliance experience with IFTTT (If This Then That). You can connect your appliances with more than 100 applications and devices.

  • Cooking Help

    Use innit recipes for guided cooking, with your 5-in-1 oven.

  • Cooking Help

    The Fresco app and neutral, cross-brand platform–the KitchenOS–can control your smart wall oven or range to make cooking at home seamless. You can preheat your oven and set the cook timer right from the Fresco app.

  • Voice-Control

    You get awareness of what is happening in your house without needing to walk up and check each appliance.

  • Voice-Control

    Receive your smart appliance notifications anywhere you have have Bose speakers throughout your home.

  • Cooking Help

    Connect a smart pan to your cooktop and your burners will adjust time and temperature based on a video-guided recipe in the app.

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