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White Kitchen

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From the walls and ceiling to window frames and cabinets, white sets the tone for this entire kitchen. The statement is one of modern sophistication, and stainless steel accents underscore the look.

As a counterbalance to the clean and simple scheme of white, an intriguing interplay of light, texture and dark contrast provides warmth. A series of horizontal windows allows sun to fill the kitchen and surrounding living areas. A side-by-side refrigerator and cabinets with frosted-glass doors, along with marble countertops and backsplashes, create visual interest. An ebony-finish hardwood floor and professional cooking appliances lend further distinction and drama to the space.

Careful thought was not only given to the color choices for the kitchen, but also how it should function. The horizontal layout of the white kitchen expands the work triangle beyond the traditional confines of sink, range and refrigerator. Instead, it opens up separate, functional zones for food preparation, cooking, baking, eating, cleaning, entertaining and conversing.

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White Kitchen
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