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Free-Standing Kitchen

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Designed using the ancient Chinese organizational principles of feng shui, this free-standing kitchen combines Zen-like calm with the convenience and performance of a professional kitchen.

The concrete walls are painted in a color that’s light and soothing, while floors are bare and clean, save for cushioned mats placed in front of busy workspaces. The windows were acquired from a vacated building and adapted for residential use.

In this large kitchen, designers concentrated a rangetop and two wall ovens into one cooking center. A warming shelf for plates is situated below the restaurant-style ventilation hood and above the rangetop for an added touch of convenience that enhances the cook’s serenity.

The Asian minimalist aesthetic and commercial cooking equipment are given a warm feeling with the use of natural materials such as African zebrawood and live plants.

This is a kitchen that truly reflects the spirit of yin and yang, in which harmony is achieved through opposing yet complementary forces.

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Free-Standing Kitchen
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