Free-standing Refrigerators

Pure artistry in a freestanding refrigerator.

Pure artistry in a free-standing refrigerator.

A Monogram® free-standing refrigerator adds a stand-alone design that’s beautiful to behold from any angle in your kitchen. Bright, polished stainless steel wraps the entire exterior, creating a clean aesthetic appearance uninterrupted by visible rivets or screws.

Choose from free-standing French-door and side-by-side refrigerator configurations in full and counter-depth sizes.

A delicious taste of French style in a refrigerator.

A delicious taste of French style.

Many think of French cuisine as an art form. One look at a Monogram free-standing French-door refrigerator, and you’re likely to hold it in similar regard. The two-door, configuration makes a striking impression of elegance and high quality. Opening the doors to a wide-open view of your fresh foods gives you deeper insights to the refrigerator’s unmistakable appeal.

professional appearance

professional appearance

As you might expect from Monogram, the French-door configuration is translated in two distinct ways. For a commercial appearance that complements Monogram ranges and rangetops, choose the professional-style refrigerator. C'est très gourmand.

european sophistication

european sophistication

The French-door, configuration is also available in a European design. Clean and streamlined with signature tubular handles, the European French-door refrigerator captures the essence of timeless sophistication.

Freestanding side-by-side configurations with in-door dispensers.

Side-by-side refrigerators with in-door dispensers.

If you like the convenience of having a dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator, free-standing side-by-side configurations are available. This refrigerator has a European style that coordinates with Monogram cooktops and wall ovens.

Seamless additions to any kitchen.

Seamless additions to any kitchen.

Monogram also offers free-standing French-door or side-by-side refrigerators in counter-depth configurations. Designed with symmetry in mind, the slightly shallower depth lines up with kitchen countertops for a more built-in appearance.