Compact Refrigeration and Ice Makers

Compact appliances that chill everything from appetizers to drink mixers.

Compact appliances chill everything from appetizers to drink mixers.

All Monogram® compact refrigerators have digital touch controls that offer a range of temperatures for precise chilling of a variety of fresh foods and beverages, and an LED display makes settings clearly visible. Wine reserves and beverage centers offer a choice of digital or dial controls. Outdoor/indoor refrigerators are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that helps keep foods fresh, regardless of conditions outside.

High-production, large-capacity ice makers.

High-production, large-capacity ice makers.

At large social gatherings, a Monogram ice maker is a perfect host, producing up to 50 pounds of clear ice per day. The ice supply is continually refreshed, ensuring you have clear cubes whenever you prepare a drink for guests or yourself. The ice maker shuts off automatically when the 25-pound-capacity bin is full.

Compact features that help with party and food preparation.

Features that help with party and food preparation.

Inside the compact bar refrigerator, an automatic icemaker produces up to eight pounds of ice. The compact wine reserve and beverage center provide refreshing access to beverages of all types and sizes. The fresh-food refrigerator is equipped with a full-extension LEXAN® crisper that helps preserve fruits and vegetables for as long as possible.